in a year without Assassin’s Creed for consoles, people who enjoy gaming on Smartphone can get a taste of being a killer with identity, which is now available for Android and iOS. Mixing RPG, “mobile” gameplay and classic franchise gameplay, build your killer to your liking and let’s travel back to Renaissance Italy.

THE Ubisoft offers mobile gamers a bit of what it’s like to be a console killer, but doesn’t stray from the mobile gaming “cell phones” by bringing mandatory Internet connection, in-game purchases, and missions tailored to a menu, plus no well a plot, and yes, a game of tasks to be performed with a generic assassin built by you and that evolves as the missions are completed.

It’s not the series debut for mobile devices. In the era of games in Java, there were already versions of the games in the series, working as platform games and, after coming out to the 3DS, the latest smartphones received Altaïr’s Chronicles. But it is in Identity, that Ubisoft offers something exclusively made for mobile devices, seeking to offer the best of the franchise adapted for small screens.

Coming back to Italy

Yes, we really like the “pirate” era of Assassin’s Creed, but we can’t deny that the series’ favorite stage for the overwhelming majority of franchise fans is in the trilogy of Ezio Auditore. The history of Italy is very interesting, to the point of Ubisoft “delay” the third game in the series to complete the revenge saga of the friend of Leonardo da Vinci.

It is no wonder that Italy was chosen as the field of action for identity. And save the differences between a Playstation 3/Xbox 360 for a current smartphone, the constructions, ambiance and details are very neat. It even serves to show the potential of current smartphones to receive better attention from developers, who can offer games with higher graphic quality and with more ambition.

Available to iPhones 5S minimum and for Androids with 2GB RAM, which includes the Xperia Z3, for example, the graphical potential is most evident by offering a well-finished look on devices that are not so new. But obviously, the best experience is reserved for owners of more powerful devices.

Should come with a control together

One of the problems with the game, nor is it the fault of the game itself, as there is a willingness to put the complex gameplay of a console game onto smartphone screens. We have, for example, a feature in which, similar to a point and click, you can “send” your assassin to a specific location, without having to guide him. The wall climbing system is also very practical and to the point.

But the game is too complex to handle multiple onscreen options. There is a button to attack, another to walk/run, another to activate the hideouts, and, to use the eagle vision, you must first access a menu so you can then choose the “item”. It’s so much that a controller is practically mandatory to play without too many frustrations.

The menus also show the good intentions of the developers, for being simple and practical. It’s choosing the mission, accessing the customization options if desired and going to the adventure. These missions is all that Assassin’s Creed already offers: protect someone I read, invade places without being seen here and steal something there. And more B.C for those who like this type of gameplay.

Another problem directly affects us Brazilians: the requirement to have an internet connection to play. You can’t just criticize the Ubisoft by the lack of global vision, since the main responsible for this problem are our cellular/internet operators, for charging so dearly for such bad services. Said that, identity, for most gamers, it will be a “mobile” game to play indoors, because on a bus, for example, it will be just a “useless” 2GB more taking up space on your device.

But a positive item is in synchronization. Connecting the game to your account Uplay on Facebook, it is possible to have the game save, even after formatting or deleting the device. And you can also progress in devices iOS and Android at the same time. You can, for example, play a little bit on a iPad and later on your cell phone Android, and continue to progress.

Optimism for a good mobile future

We talked a few months ago about our bets for a new era for mobile gaming. Apple, LG, Samsung and other manufacturers invest in hardware and technologies for an ever-growing market. Virtual Reality is one of the weapons we’ll see a lot in the future.

Studios have also been dedicated. Yes, we still see casual games en masse and even tons of half-baked games, though Horizon Chase, Asphalt 8 and retro game adaptations like GTA San Andreas, show the potential of devices for this new phase, since you can’t live in the shadow of angry Birds forever.

AND Assassin’s Creed shows that. If in terms of gameplay itself, the game still suffers from offering so many commands for playing on the screen, on the other hand, its visual work proves that it is possible to make beautiful games for smartphones. With current resources, such as the Apple TV or the Chromecast, which allow you to take games to TV, the quality is even more visible.

May other studios observe the work of the Ubisoft and can add to their games. It’s hard work, we know, and it’s not easy for you to simply take a franchise to a smartphone. But with good will, we can have a lot of good stuff to play with.


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