One of the great releases of 2015 arrives next Tuesday (25). And to celebrate this fact, the Sony launched bloodborne at an event in the city of São Paulo, with the presence of the senior director of Playstation and gameplay.

The program took place yesterday (20) at Saraiva Megastore located inside Center Norte, practically next to where the Brazil Game Show since she moved to São Paulo. And in a presentation first to the press and then to players who managed to get into the store’s auditorium, we were able to check out a little more of the gameplay of the game with the presence of the senior director of Playstation Dave Thach.

In the presentation, we could see what we had already seen at the BGS from last year: the immense difficulty, but with an interesting gameplay that values ​​the combat strategy over the “way Kratos smash the square button” of solving things, using items to attract the attention of just one enemy or having one enemy face the others while you just watch the carnage.

Presentation made, time to go down the stairs to face the challenge of going through the game demo, which is confirmation that we are facing a very well produced game. The technical quality of the game, where we repair several characters at the same time on the screen without any problem of dropping frames, added to an extremely competent gameplay and full of alternatives show that the From Software took very seriously the proposal to bring a “continuation” of the games souls.

This gameplay will probably be a reason for praise for those who play it. As mentioned above, there’s no way to pretend to be a “god of war” and go around cutting everyone in half and being surrounded by enemies is a sign of game over without pity or pity. To get along, the business is to manage your items, including healing items (since there is no automatic regeneration around here) and knowing how to use them at the right time. And in times where games encourage frantic button presses rather than smart combat, bloodborne it will be highlighted precisely because it escapes common sense.

And the look is also a highlight. Both scenarios and characters have a quality worthy of the proposal of the current generation, which show a neat art direction and concerned with details, as the scenarios are interesting and interactive, extending a little more the experience of enjoying a game of the current generation, who suffers from so much good, but “equal”.

bloodborne it can be one of those games that you will “like” to die for, as it is so well done that its exaggerated difficulty is excused for its qualities. Qualities that everyone can check and agree (or not) this next Tuesday, when the game will be available to all owners of Playstation 4. And if you played the demo so much in BGS As for yesterday’s event, be sure to let us know what you think.


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