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Western Digital Introduces WD_BLACK SSDs to Maximize Gaming Experience


Western Digital Introduces WD_BLACK SSDs to Maximize Gaming Experience

Western Digital Corp. expands its popular WD_BLACK portfolio with three new storage solutions designed specifically for console and PC gamers. The releases include the industry’s first NVMe SSD with PCIe Gen4 technology, a fully bootable Gen3 x8 add-in card, and a Thunderbolt 3-powered NVMe SSD game dock, each with distinctive RGB lighting.

The new products added to the WD_BLACK gaming portfolio are:


The SSD leverages the performance of PCIe Gen4 technology to deliver fast read and write speeds of up to 7000 / 5300 MB/s for the 1 TB model. The WD_BLACK SN850 NVMe SSD further contributes to enhanced PC performance with the WD_BLACK G2 controller and optimization for intensive gaming (not intended for NAS or server environments). The SSD shortens game loading times and transfers files faster than its predecessor using new cache technology. Applications load more smoothly due to improved performance at low queue depths. For design enthusiasts, there is also a model with RGB heatsink available, which better prevents overheating.

WD_BLACK AN1500 NVMe SSD add-in card

The fully bootable plug-and-play add-in card is one of the fastest PCIe Gen3 x8 solutions. The WD_BLACK AN1500 NVMe SSD is suitable for upgrading an existing setup to modern performance. Powered by two internal SSDs in RAID 0 and PCIe Gen3 x8 technology, the drive achieves read speeds of up to 6500 MB/s and write speeds of up to 4100 MB/s (on the 2 TB and 4 TB models). The result is fast gameplay, less waiting time and more playing time. The SSD features customizable RGB lighting (Windows only) and an integrated heatsink that better prevents overheating.


The compact, powerful game dock SSD with heatsink transforms a Thunderbolt 3-compatible laptop into a full gaming station. The game dock offers fast speeds thanks to NVMe technology, more capacity for games and multiple ports for accessories. The WD_BLACK D50 Game Dock NVMe SSD features customizable RGB lighting controlled via the WD_BLACK dashboard (Windows only).

Price and availability

“Game developers are designing ever more impressive games that demand ever higher performance. Consumers need to equip themselves with the best tools to fully enjoy a game,” said Jim Welsh, senior vice president, Consumer Solutions, Western Digital. “Innovative, high-performance storage solutions are essential to keep up with the game industry. Our latest WD_BLACK products are specifically designed to empower gamers to meet the ever-increasing demands of games and gaming platforms, now and in the future. The products not only provide more storage space, but also improve the overall gaming experience.”

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