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What are Instagram name tags and how are they used?

What are Instagram name tags and how are they used?

When you think of badges, you might think of the huge, embarrassing ones you wear to your high school reunion. Instagram name tags are much better as you can customize them.

Instagram name tags can be customized, you can associate your face and provide others to follow you. Read on to learn about the different ways to create and customize your Instagram nametags.

What are Instagram name tags?

Instagram nametags are images you can create to make it easier for others to follow you. You will not have to write anyone to follow another account.

You don’t have to create a badge because you already have one. To find your badge, tap your profile tab, then tap the hamburger icon in the top right.

Select the Name Ceremonial option (which will be the first in the directory) and your name tag will appear automatically. Given that this will be the first time you access your nametag, Instagram will walk you through the different nametags you can use.

How to use Instagram name tags

If you’ve followed the steps above, you’re currently viewing your Instagram nametag. Now what? The nametag is what you will show to your friends and future followers so they can follow your posts. Share your badge with everyone by tapping the “Share” icon on the top right.

What if you want to follow someone else? There are several ways to scan another person’s credential. To get started, you can tap the “Scan a Badge” option docked below your badge.

After detaching the option, simply use your camera phone to scan the badge. You will see an option to view the profile. You can then perk up if you want to keep track of the account.

You can even scan a nametag that you saved to your device’s tunnel. Just tap on the Image icon at the top right.

Alternatively, you can scan a badge by tapping on the ‘Manage’ tab followed by the badge option at the top right.

Another way to scan a name tag is to swipe right around to enter the camera while pointing the camera at a name tag and then long press the screen.

How to customize your Instagram badge

Now that you’ve styled your Instagram nametag and know how to use it, it’s time to give it your personal touch. You can change the color of your badge, associate emojis or associate a selfie. To change the color of your badge or emojis, choose the option you want to change by selecting the broadcast yolk at the top when you change from Color to Emoji to Selfie. Touch anywhere on the screen to change any of these options.

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For colors, it will keep changing until you stop writing on the screen. Similarly, touch the screen and slide your finger until you find the emoji you want to associate.

For the selfie name tag, keep pressing until you have the design you want. For the design that will surround your selfie, you can nominate between a unicorn, several pince-nez, hearts and a hair.


It’s obvious that Instagram copied this feature from Snapchat, but there’s no one to complain about here. This is a great feature to have and hopefully this is the beginning of other great features to come. Are you happy with Instagram name tags? Let us know what you think in the comments below.