The long-awaited spread of the iPhone 13 is approaching, in which not many changes are expected compared to its predecessor. It will have the same design, size and screen as last year’s coexistence. If he Flashgate on the iPhone it is a priority that needs to be improved.

It may be the first time you read this Anglo-Saxon word, but it is important that you know everything about this problem if you have an iPhone 12. We will tell you everything about Flaregate and if it has a possibility for the future with the next iPhone 13.

What is Flaregate?

If you have an iPhone 12, you must first find out what this problem consists of. If you have even looked at the iPhone 13 leaky design, you will see that the camera sensors have them. placed diagonally and not vertically like the iPhone 12 or 11.

This is not pure chance, since this change has a reason. It is not a renovation in design, but it is Flaregate-related. Basically, the iPhone 12 has a problem with the camera sensors that many have considered to be the “monocle gleams“.

In dexterity, when you want to take a picture in a low light situation and aim around a point of light, numerous sparkles and reflections appear in the image. A good example of where this can happen is on the street, when you are in the midst of indeterminacy and aim around a lamppost.

It is not a game inconvenience for the operation of the iPhone 12, but it is a very illustrious problem and that is not picturesque of a mobile that touches the thousand euros of price. Especially when dealing with an Apple product, which is supposed to be the best on the market and excellence in photography.

Origin of Flaregate on iPhone 12

It is true that almost all mobile phone sensors have this detail, since when you point at a light source in a very dark position these flashes usually appear. In fact, many photographers take advantage of them to take images in very specific situations.

But this verdict on the iPhone 12 cameras is still not defensible. The terminal has that classic flash of the rest of the cameras, but the Apple device presents some additional problems. In some YouTube videos you can see the problem they present.

The problem seems to be present in both the main camera and telephoto sensor. However, the origin of this inconvenience is unknown. There is no global number between the different versions of the iPhone 12 and the Pro run: neither in the number of glasses nor in the sensors equipped.

Will the iPhone 13 fix this camera issue?

As you can already guess, there is no immediate possibility for these flashes in the photo. Much less is it fixed with a magical application, or with an iOS update or with a supplement to improve the quality of the photographs.

All responsibility rests with the upcoming iPhone 13. As we have mentioned, the filtered design of the terminal changes the distribution of the sensors, placing it diagonally. On the other hand, they will increase the gap between the glassesto avoid this type of flash in low light situations.


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