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What is it and how it works

What is it and how it works

Xiaomi offers a number of new features in its new MIUI 12.5 update. This aggiornamento is still on display and only a few beta versions have been published and are public to users. Today, thanks to Xiaomiui we know a new feature which will arrive shortly. Is he Repair mode for Xiaomi phones that are found in the device configuration and about which we already know almost everything. A couple of leaked screenshots from the latest beta have been enough to find out what is being traded. And no, with this mode your mobile will not repair itself.

Repair mode is used to commit your mobile to repair

East the mode will be in MIUI 12.5 for all mobiles that can be updated. Hopefully it will still stick around for future releases like MIUI 13 or MIUI 14. The goal of repair mode is not to repair your devicebut create a new beneficiary completely parallel to yours so that the data is safe.

When a beneficiary sends their device for repair from technical support should always delete all data of the same to be able to consent to the interior. If the repair service is not official, the beneficiary can give the repairer the password to consent. This means that the repairer has data attack.

With the repair mode you can create a new profile without data and from which you cannot exit if you do not have a password. This will allow users to commit the device for repair and have complete confidence that the person who has attacked the device will not see their data.

When the terminal returns to your hands it will be as simple as get out this way with a pin or a password and cunning: everything will be as before and your device will be repaired. It’s an incredibly useful feature to avoid having to reset your device from the repair SAT and to increase data privacy when you have to leave your device somewhere for repair.

The function has been known in a MIUI translation 12.5 It hasn’t unwrapped from China yet, so it may take some time for Western users to be able to use it on Xiaomi phones. Still, the good message is that this repair mode It will arrive and it will be one more function for Xiaomi phones.