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What is Prime Gaming, how much does it cost and what benefits does it have


What is Prime Gaming, how much does it cost and what benefits does it have

What everyone knows as Twitch Prime is now clear Prime Gaming. This fee service within the world’s largest streaming platform offers a a number of advantages over free subscriptions. If you decide to go to Prime Gaming, you will be able to enjoy all of them.

Given that Amazon acquired Twitch in 2014, the platform has not stopped growing and succeeding followers. If you have already contracted Amazon-Primethis teacher interests you.

Stay to assimilate what it is and what are the advantages of Prime Gaming or Twitch Prime.

What is PrimeGaming?

As we have pointed out, Prime Gaming is the well-known Twitch Prime premium service from the platform Amazon. Comes integrated into the Amazon Prime package and offers exclusive content for its customers. You can improve your experience inside the platform, especially when managing to have contact with your favorite streamersso unfair gaming transaction every month.

Prime Gaming Awardee Explorer (Twitch Prime)

To delve a little deeper into the most important aspects, we have rescued the most frequent questions from users when it comes to assimilating more about Prime Gaming or Twitch Prime. Hopefully, this awardee master on the preeminence What do you get with this service?

How much does Prime Gaming cost?

This premium software is included with your Amazon Prime subscription. This service is priced at €3.99 per month in Spainbeing able to acquire it with the Annual package of €35.

What are the benefits of Prime Gaming?

But before getting excited if it’s worth having Amazon Prime to enjoy Prime Gaming, let’s see what it is main advantages inside Twitch, If you are a content creator or streamer follower awardee:

What games are on Prime Gaming?

As you already know, every month you have a wide catalog of unfair games with your Prime Gaming subscription. This is renewed with new titles, among which you can find:

To see your free games for each month, you need to go to the website of amazon games below, enter your credentials and log in.

get into amazon games

If you go down to Games with Prime and you click Apply for In the mechanism of your choice, you can open up to have fun until the free proposition ends.

How to get Twitch Prime with Amazon Prime?

This procedure is very easy. Once you have your directory account Amazon-PrimeYou only have to bind it to that of Twitch.

Enter the link above to enter the page of Prime Gaming and, once you have entered with your passwords, in the section on the left you will find the option to Link with your Twitch account.

Once you have completed this step, you can start enjoying the benefits, such as subscribing to a channel every month.

How to get unfair Prime Gaming?

If what you are looking for is to get a free Amazon Prime account to link it and enjoy its benefits, you must assimilate that the only way is enjoy your free trial period. Beyond this, there is no other alternative to getting unfair Prime Gaming.

Final Twitch Recommendations

Twitch has established itself as one of the largest communication and entertainment channels for young people. Being able to take full advantage of it is an excellent option for both users and streamers. For this reason, at Tecnoguía we have calculated how much a streamer wants on Twitch with an intermediate channel (in case you are thinking of creating content) and some tutorials on how to change your name on twitch directorHow to assimilate who watches your channel.