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What is Uber Eats and how does it work in your city?


What is Uber Eats and how does it work in your city?

Food delivery is one of the most emerging businesses of the momentWe continually see a multitude of food delivery people on motorcycles, bicycles and even electric scooters around the city. And it is that many of the restaurants in your city have opted for this modality, not only fast food.

And obviously companies dedicated to the distribution have proliferatedsuch as Glovo, Just Eat and Deliveroo among others, but today we are going to mutter about Uber Eats, one of the companies that has specialized in zero contact when it comes to distributing and delivering food at home.

If you want to eat restaurant dishes without leaving home, and in the most comfortable way We are going to explain how to do it through the Uber Eats application, what it is and how it works, you will learn how to use it in a simple way to have your food at home.

Uber Eats: food delivery

The idea that we had for Uber at first was that of a transport application to move around the city, and with millions of users throughout the country. But now it has broadened horizons with home delivery of foodthe company has adapted to current times, and offers a new service to those who want to have food at home safely.

What is Uber Eats?

well basically is an application or platform with which to place orders in the best restaurants and food stalls in your area, By an easy and fast way. You can order the food you want and it will be delivered to your home by one of the Uber members. You can order from your sofa and through your mobile, choosing the best and delicious dishes through the application.

How do you see that Uber adapts to the new times, and offers new services to its clients (which are not few), and offer a home delivery service for your food orders. Many restaurants have embraced this new way of eating a la carte, but by being able to enjoy it at home, they put the menu at your disposal and Uber Eats will bring it to you without delay.

The best thing about this app is that users and restaurants can connect quickly. And through the distributors, all the service is carried out in an agile and competent way, additionally It is conditioned in many cities of different countries, if you have doubts you can even go through its official website. There you can register and order what you like the most: pizzas, gourmet, tex mex, tapas and portions or the delicatessen of your vote.

If you want to know if it is conditioned in your city, you just have to turn the page and you will get the answer immediately.

How the application works

The Uber Eats app is simple and effective. You can have the home delivery service of the food you choose at any point in your city, if your service is conditioned. We only have to download the application from the Play Store, in the link that we leave at the top, or if you use iPhone from the App Store, since it is also conditioned.

If you prefer to do it through the web, as we have indicated before, you only have to register, and log in with your account data. Enter a valid address to take the orders you make and be diligent, in such a simple way you will have the food you most want at your door.

Let’s place an order on Uber Eats

To cope with the fact of requesting food through this application, we only have to follow a few simple steps. Accessing it we can see the list of restaurants that we have at our disposal To order food, we choose the one that most appeals to us at that moment, we can see the menu with the different menu options or portions available.

We choose the dishes that we like the most and add them to the basket by clicking on the “Add to cart” option. It will also show us information about the preparation time of the same, and an estimate of the time it may take for delivery to your home.

Once we have selected all the menu we wanted, we go to the cart and now we must click on the option “Place an order”. As soon as the restaurant receives your order, you will receive a notification indicating that it has been accepted, and the preparation of the dishes will begin. Once the entire menu has been cooked The closest distributors in the area will be notified.and whoever is conditioned will come quickly and quickly to pick it up, to take it home.

One of the most remarkable options of this application is that It will allow you to control the order that we have made at all times, and it will be updated via notifications, even when you are already very close to the delivery address. Little very useful to prepare the table, or warn the guests.

Among other options as a customer you can tell the delivery man how and where you want to eat the food. Given that you can paste a note into the app, and You can specify that they leave you food in the portal, on the landing or at the door of the house, wherever you prefer. It will not be necessary to establish contact of any kind with the delivery person, nor to sign a delivery note, nor to fertilize in cash, you will only ring the bell and leave.

Because of the subscription problem You will not need to have cash, since if you have associated a credit card to your account, you will be charged when you place the order., so fertilizing and feeding is very simple with this application. You can still request a charge, which will be issued by the restaurant you ordered from, not Uber Eats, if you need to.

As specified in Uber Eats all delivery people carry hygienic material, such as disinfectant gel, gloves and masks to be able to carry out the delivery as hygienically as possible at all times.