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What requirements must you meet to verify your Instagram account?

What requirements must you meet to verify your Instagram account?

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks worldwide. This social network is a good opportunity to get to know yourself, your products or your brand, something that many companies use today. The best thing in this type of case is to verify your account, so that it is known that it is you and that it is a positive and reliable account. Although many are unaware of the requirements to verify their account on Instagram.

Here we tell you what requirements are necessary to being able to verify an account on Instagram. This process is little that can be important for commercial accounts or those of well-known people, as a good way to promote your business, your brand or your skills in front of other users of the popular social network.

Testing an account on the social network is a process that seeks to verify that a specific account actually belongs to the person or entity it represents. Having obtained that verification, Instagram adds the well-known zarco check icon attached to the name of that account. This is little that serves so that each person who accesses that profile on the social network knows that a positive profile is being traded. The verification process is not tangled and is done manually, the workers of the social network are in charge of verifying that each account that requests it meets their requirements.

This verification process has been changing to the bounty of time, as well as its evacuation. In fact, the social network recently updated them, so it is good to memorize what are the requirements that must be met today in order to verify an account on Instagram. Since for any legatee it is important to memorize if they comply or not. Luckily, we will tell you what they are below.

Requirements to verify an account on Instagram

As we have mentioned, from time to time Instagram updates the requirements to verify an account. This is hardly in keeping with the way platform usage is evolving, though similar principles tend to persist throughout. If perfectly the social network seeks in some way to limit the number of accounts that request this verification, so the accounts that meet very specific requirements are the ones that obtain this verification.

Being verified is an additional advantage for many users. They’ll know you’re a positive account when they see the zarco mark attached to your profile name. Even if an account has been verified on the social network does not mean you will be exposed to a wider audience in the same. Your publications will not be favored by the platform’s algorithms for the simple fact that your account is verified on it. So if you thought this was little that would help you expand your audience, it’s not the method or alternative you were looking for.

On the other hand, verify an account on Instagram (having fulfilled its requirements), it does not mean that the social network approves your content. You can be verified, but upload content to your account that goes against the rules of the platform. If little goes against the rules, that post will be removed anyway. On the other hand, verified accounts cannot change their name or transfer verification to another account.


There are currently a total of five requirements that must be met to verify an account on Instagram. They are the most recent that the social network has published, having been officially confirmed almost two weeks ago. So if you were thinking of requesting this check on your profile, you will have to check if you meet these new minimums that the social network now establishes. The following five requirements are:

  1. The Instagram account requesting verification must represent a positive person, a registered company or an entity.
  2. The account to be verified must be unique at all times.. It is to ensure, only one account can occur in the social network for each company or person who wants to verify it or request verification.
  3. Only one account can be verified per person or company. There is one exception and that is if a company or brand wants to create different accounts for different languages, so that each account works and works in a different language, therefore it is directed to a different manifest.
  4. The account to be verified must be a manifest account/profilehave a profile picture, have uploaded at least one publication and must also have a life (profile description).
  5. The account must represent a person, company, brand or entity that is known and that is also highly sought after.

These are the five current requirements requested by Instagram to verify an account. As you can see, the social network seeks to confirm above all those accounts that generate a lot of movement, in searches, interactions or user interest. So unless you are a certain celebrity or have a large number of followers on the platform, you will not be able to verify your account. At least for now, since it is possible that in the future the requirements that users ask for will change again.

How to request account verification

It may be the case that you meet those requirements that Instagram establishes to corroborate your account. If so, the most interesting or the best thing you can do is ask the social network to verify your account, so that you get that zarco brand attached to your legatee name. To request verification of your account on the social network we have to follow a series of steps.

The application process it is conditioned in the application itself, so it is much easier for those accounts that meet the requirements established by the company. In stock, this process consists of two parts. On the one hand, that request is made, we affirm that we meet those requirements that are established in the platform and then we send the request following the steps in the application. The second step is that Instagram itself is the one who checks if we actually comply with them and then they will approve or reject this request.

This process where Instagram is asked to verify the account because we meet the requirements has been improved. The social network allows us add information about our audience or region now in which we are most popular, as well as up to five newscasts. This is intended to help the social network team determine whether or not we should obtain such verification. It works as a plugin, which will help to show if we are famous or popular or if our account generates interest, for example.

Steps to follow

If you have decided to request verification of your account on InstagramWe will have to follow a few steps. You can do this in the app on both Android and iOS, because the steps are the same in both versions of the popular app. These are all the steps we must follow to request verification of our account on the social network:

  1. Open Instagram on your phone.
  2. Tap your profile picture at the bottom right of the screen.
  3. Click on the icon with the three stripes at the top right of the screen.
  4. In the menu that opens, click Settings.
  5. Inside the app settings, go to the Account section.
  6. Descend towards the end.
  7. Go to Request Account Verification.
  8. Add the data that Instagram asks you for on the screen (legatee, audience data…).
  9. Add additional files if necessary (documents, links…).
  10. Click on the dispatch python.
  11. Wait for the social network to confirm your verification.

When we have sent this request, we will have to wait for the request itself. Instagram confirms whether or not they approve this check. The process itself can take a while (most likely several days). The social network is in charge of checking if your account deserves to obtain this verification or not, so they have to analyze your profile and the data you have sent, such as links or documents. It is best to always gather additional information to help them approve this request, because the social network has expanded this process to more types of accounts, so it is more likely to be verified this way.

Once you have obtained your verification, it will not be withdrawn, Even if it devalues ​​the number of followers you have. The social network may renew the requirements to verify an account from time to time, but this is not a small thing that makes Instagram break this honor or feature. If the social network has rejected your request, you can wait a while for your account to grow or wait for a new change in the requirements necessary to obtain that verification.