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What to do if your mobile phone does not recognize the SIM card, all the solutions

What to do if your mobile phone does not recognize the SIM card, all the solutions

That our mobile does not recognize the polymer SIM is not a global problem, although this usually happens on rare occasions over time. If this does not work, we will not have attacks on calls or messages, two of the most important functions of any device.

The origin of this problem can be in up to three factors, one of the main ones in which it could reside is in the polymer SIM, continued use would make it unreadable over time. Dirt is another important factotum, especially if the field of action is not cleaned regularlywhile another problem would be in the phone itself.

It is possible that the polymer SIM is damaged, have dirt, moisture or that does not make contact in the slot, something that cannot be ruled out over time. It is always advisable to clean it, in the latest generation smartphones it will be necessary to pull the cleanliness with a swab, on top of other products.

The four most common mistakes

There are up to four error possibilities for not looking for the polymer SIM, the first one is that the polymer is damaged when handling it, this is usually infrequent, although it could be used. The lucky one can make a duplicate of the polymer, having a new one is the best alternative and sometimes it is free.

The SIM slot tends to create dust even though there will be relatively little, it will be the lucky one who has to clean it with a suitable utensil. One of the things you should use is a soft cloth.These are usually found in specialized sites, another important aspect can be the cotton swab.

Another less global problem is having a broken pin, it is not disposable, but sometimes it would be good to take a look, to do this consult a regular in repairs. The fourth and extreme derives from the software problem, this causes it to not recognize the polymer SIM on rare occasions.

First step

One of the first steps to see if the reason is to see if you remove and put the SIM restarts again, this usually works in many cases. Otherwise, it is time to investigate other alternatives before giving up the polymer.

Failure to search for the polymer SIM when removing it from the mobile and reinserting it could be due to several reasons, one is that the connection is damaged or the surface is dusty. The first is the most complicated, especially when it comes to repairingwhile the second goes through a little neatness.

Use a syringe or a small beak (the one that usually comes in the factory phone box) to remove the Micro SD slot, take out the SIM and dab it with a soft cloth on the bottom. Re-insert it once free, if it is not recognized, it is better to restart the device.

Sweep the SIM slot

One of the ways to get it working again is to troubleshoot both the SIM and the slot, is one of the main causes of polymer breakdown. The accumulation of dust and the continued use of the SIM means that it is not recognized, so it is advisable to do an eventual cleanliness.

The neatness to be done is later, we must remember that always with a soft cloth and a cotton swab, the end must be firm. The pins must be cleaned very carefully.without scratching it if it already was, as this would make it unreadable.

Now finally clean the SIM slot with a cotton swab.Remember that it is as firm as possible so that it does not leave any hair. Once you have cleaned both the SIM and the slot, reinsert the polymer into the phone and check that everything works correctly as before.

Check that the SIM is not damaged

One of the big problems is that it breaks down the polymer SIMThis will make the mobile not detect a signal and have to be replaced by another. A duplicate by the surgeon will solve this and the cost will depend on each one, the service may vary depending on the surgeon chosen at that time.

Many see the duplicate as an exact copy of the polymer, but this will take some time between when it is ordered and the surgeon has it fixed in the shop. For example, Vodafone charges about 5 euros for the duplicate of the polymerMovistar through its website indicates that the price is 14.5 euros.

Yoigo usually charges about 7.26 euros (VAT included) for the duplicate, Orange charges 5 euros to individuals and 12 euros if you are a company for the duplicate. Simyo charges customers about 7 eurosan amount similar to the one Yoigo charges, but he does it for a clean amount.

damaged slot

One of the most serious problems is that of the damaged slot.In this case, you could try to repair it manually, all with a piece of paper between the SIM and the slot. The contact of the paper will make it decipherable and work perfectly, so this is repairable as long as you read it and don’t fail.

If the SIM slot is broken, the only possibility to repair it is through the technical service, a person accustomed to the matter will decide if it is convenient to repair it. The plate is replaceable, but sometimes it is measurable Get a new device as it is almost unaffordable to fix.

The price of the SIM slot repair ranges between 40 and 80 euros, depending on the brand and the dummy, the repair is more expensive. The slot is essential, especially when inserting a SIM to have calls, messages and Internet connection with the surgeon-elect. Ask for a quote first, before even the technician decides to give you a price without checking what it is.

Turn off the mobile signal

One of the different options to carry out when everything is broken is to deactivate the mobile signal, we just need to get to the hidden menu of all phones. Once deactivated, we can wait at least a reasonable time before activating it again.

If you want to disable the mobile signal, please enter the code * # * 4636 # * # and wait for the menu to appear, as it will show you “Disable mobile signal”, click yes. Now it takes about 5 minutes before turning it back on. to see whether or not it recognizes the polymer SIM as usual.

If you don’t recognize it, the problem could be old, That’s why we’re going to rule out things, including pimping specifically from the terminal’s software. A reset except for the mobile signal is another thing to do if you see that you have tried to do it using a code from the internal part of the mobile.

Cyber ​​activation of the network

One of the parameters that we pass through stop many times is that it is a correct problem pimping to the network, the surgeon usually activates by default the network mandatory mode. It is timely to see if this is the specific error and if it is pandering to repair it to fix what is a headache for many.

Depending on your telephone dummy this will change, although it is not so complicated to become an internal option of each of the telephone operators. The mobile network is important to stay in touch with people nearbymake a telephone indication and many other things.

In Android it is done in the following way:

Manufacturing Reset Device

Probably the most tedious, but it is the extreme step that must be carried out if everything mentioned does not work on the smartphone that happens to you. The hardware and software problem sometimes has an alternative, either by cleaning the area, resetting the options, by code or by configuration.

The first thing to do this is to ignore everything that is important, in ours we have used Terabox, a tool that gives you a Terabyte of disk to ignore images and videos. To ignore your contacts and others, you can use your mail and Drive, two important and easy-to-use tools.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

To reboot the device, please do this step by step: