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What to do with old mobiles? Ideas you’ll like

What to do with old mobiles? Ideas you’ll like

It is true that as time goes by our phones stop working as we would likeOr because the row lasts less, or because an accidental fall has damaged the screen or the touch screen. And thanks to the offers of the companies, the second-hand transfer, or because there is a price fight that helps the final consumer, we accumulate enough mobiles in our events.

And the question is: What can we do with those old mobiles that end up in a drawer? Well, that is precisely what we are going to see today. We can give them a second life, recycle them or even create works of art with them… That depends on your imagination, but today I will show you some options that you can taste.

solidarity recycling

The first thing we’ll consider in this section is whether we can help others with a phone we don’t use. AND There are several NGOs that can put your outdated terminal to good use. For example, we have Oxfam’s Intermón and Amnesty International that work in collaboration with the Movilbak recycling company. What determines if these mobiles can be repaired and granted a second visa, or if they must be recycled, as determined by the norm.

The work they do and what they will do with your mobile, the one you no longer use will be trade it for seeds, school books, water cans, tools and the goods needed to improve the lives of people in the poorest countries. If you wonder what they do with those mobiles, here we explain it to you.

Those outdated or unusable phones they are recycled thanks to a specialized company always respecting the environment. However, those phones that still have a useful life and can be reused are conditioned and given a second chance, extending their life. Thanks to this, the environmental impact is reduced, and the donated telephones are sent to the headquarters of CMR in London, a waste mandate company, where they carry out the corresponding classification according to their state.

Working phones are put back into circulation, while those that no longer work or are not reusable are sent to a recycling plant where the materials are conveniently separated. According to the information provided by the company:

“The entire recycling process is carried out in accordance with the contemporary European directive and CMR even has the ISO 1400 certificates: International standard in environmental mandate and the EMAS Regulation: European Legislature for environmental mandate systems”.

All the money obtained, both from the recycling and the reuse of mobile phones, will go to the aforementioned NGOs, which They will allocate it to noble causes and to help others, which is not very necessary in these times.

Recycle for money

If you are not so altruistic, or you want to distribute benefits and keep little for yourself,You can dare to recycle them for money. That is to say, sell them directly to companies like Zonzoo, which makes an assessment like Movilbak and, on the other hand, carries out the corresponding waste mandate, they will give you money for it. Today there are several companies that can perform this type of services with which to make money.

As we say, one of the most named is Zonzoo, which It has been paying for mobile phones since 2001 in any state. Previously, they make an evaluation of the smartphone and commit to the collection and subscription of our used mobile. in less than 48 hours. Which is good for your bag and the environment.

There are other websites like Money and Mobile that undertakes to carry out the entire process within a period of more than 48 hours. TopDollarMobile is another of the companies that started this journey of recycling and subscription of old mobiles close to the aforementioned Zonzoo.

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The best applications to recycle garbage with your mobile

An important issue, and that you should not forget when performing these steps, is that they can give that phone a second life, therefore remember to delete all your data permanently and remove the malleable SIM or those micro SD What can we have in them? Therefore, perform a manufacturing reset and wipe all data so that it is not compromised in any way.

Give a new life to your old smartphone

If you don’t want to do any of the options we’ve mentioned, you can turn that archaic phone into a Surveillance Camera for example. Whether for your home or as a baby monitor or simply to have a room under control that you do not want to miss a detail.

You only have to install an application to convert it and here we leave you a couple of them, in case you are interested.

AtHome Camera: home security

This application on the other hand to change your mobile into a surveillance camera preserves detect movement and offers you the ability to set the time periods for the disco to start or end. You can even configure notifications on our phone to notify us in case of detecting any movement.

Security System: Home Security Pedagogue System

Same as above, but with the peculiarity that everything you record is stored in a cirrus that you can access from a link provided, if you have recorded any activity inside the house. Use the outdoor or rear camera of your surveillance device.

It works through WiFi, 3G or LTE networks. Cyber ​​reconnects and fit in case of running out of WiFi. It is very simple to use and with a simple glance you have the room to monitor the talent of your hand, on the other hand you can make use of the microphone and listen to everything that happens in your house.

There are many more apps, you can do some more research or try these and let us know what you think.

More ideas for your old mobile

If you think that you can no longer do zero with that old and used mobile, perhaps what we are telling you now will make you change your mind. As we can give much more life to the terminals, we leave you a series of ideas for you to enjoy.

You only have to hide your old mobile inside your car and activate the GPS location, and you can have it controlled at all times, you just have to make sure that it has a row and does not turn off, of course. Although we can get your last location, it will even help you if you are forgetful and don’t know where you regularly park your own car.

If after all this you still don’t know what to do with your unused mobile, do not stop recycling it, because many of its components are very polluting and they can cause a lot of damage to the ecosystem and the environment of your city. A single mobile row can contaminate more than 600,000 liters of water, for example.

As a singular quantity assert that for the Olympic Games to be held in Tokyo they will make medals with recycled smartphones. Those responsible for this superb event want to encourage all citizens to donate their mobile phones as well as other similar electronic devices.

An initiative that needs the support of Japanese citizens, who The Inconsiderate Committee is promoting the donation of this type of device for the recycling and elaboration of medals. This is what the sports director of Tokyo 2020, Koji Murofoshi, explains: “There is a great barrier of goods on our earth, so recycling these objects and giving them a new use will make us all think about the environment”.

He added: “Having a scheme that allows the whole family of Japan to participate in the creation of the medals that will hang around the neck of the athletes is positively good. It will become a great memory for the children, who will think that they gave little to be part of those medals.