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Wii Fit

It is well known by now that Nintendo has taken a completely different path than its competitors, Microsoft and Sony. But this should of course not spoil the fun, because there are always chances that games will be released that are also fun for the somewhat ‘hardcore’ gamer. To my great surprise, one of these games has become Wii Fit. A game that mainly focuses on people who have purchased a Nintendo Wii to play Wii Sports on it or to get a cheap party console. But as a ‘gamer’ I really enjoyed myself with this game and I was especially surprised by the small well thought out details that are in this game. These details make for a very fun, but above all tiring experience with the newest member of the Nintendo factory: Wii Fit.

A white and sleek shelf

The Wii Fit comes with the latest piece of hardware for the Nintendo Wii, the Wii Balance Board. This Balance Board has a number of useful features that create different gameplay options. First of all, the board can accurately measure your weight, which is of course natural for a game that revolves around your body condition. But the most interesting thing about the Balance Board is that the board can measure the pressure in different places. So the pressure of both feet is measured separately and also the pressure of your toes on the board and the pressure of your heels on the board. In addition, this scale has the well-known color white and it has a very sleek and, in my opinion, beautiful design. There is really not much to notice on this board. There is a maximum weight of 150 kilograms, which is certainly sufficient and is stable on the ground. It is a pity that this board also works on batteries and therefore consumes quickly. I would have preferred a battery, but rechargeable batteries in it and the problem is also solved.

As the name implies, this game is all about getting fit in a fun and addictive way. Nintendo is responding nicely to the problem of obesity and the hype that has arisen to lose weight as quickly as possible. Of course they don’t promise miracles, but this is a great way to exercise at home in an affordable way and possibly lose weight. In any case, I am ready and immediately started to lose those few pounds.

A tight schedule and a Fitpiggy

The game starts by first asking your age and height and then measuring your weight. Your BMI will then be displayed and it will become clear how much work still needs to be done to achieve the ideal weight. Finally, you set a goal for the coming weeks or months, so that you can finally get started with the 4 possible parts. Yoga, balance games, muscle workouts and aerobics. Each part has about 12 different activities, giving this game a fair amount of variety. The balance games is the most fun part and is a lot of fun to do. I have to say for the games alone you don’t have to buy this game because you get bored of it very quickly. They are all fun and definitely improving your highscores will keep you busy for a while. The different levels of difficulty also extend the duration considerably, but don’t expect hundreds of hours of gameplay, 5 hours and you’ve seen these games. Where a lot of energy and time is invested are the other three parts. These three are really more focused on losing weight, your balance and posture and should therefore be seen more as real movement exercises. Especially the muscle workouts are very heavy and really train your muscles. The great thing about Wii fit is that you get a score for all activities and the other players see it too. This often creates a rivalry between each other and gives the net that motivation to play different activities at least hundreds of times. So Wii Fit really provides that incentive to keep working out and keep moving. The exercises are not revolutionary and can of course also be done without the game. The game keeps track of everything, instructs you and simply encourages you. You will not find a cheaper instructor.

Details, details, details

But what’s especially nice about this game are the details. First of all, you have a Fitpiggy with which you save minutes, this is very nice and funny and shows well how long you have already played and when you unlock extra activities. Even if, for example, you have arrived the next day, you must also indicate why. And Wii fit explains how to do things differently and gives you tips. Even birthdays of other players come up nicely in this game. In addition, the game also looks clear and neat. Not too much fuss, but just clear pictures, images and menus. The music in this game is unfortunately sometimes very monotonous, but I don’t think this is a big disadvantage. You are on the Wii Fit very quickly and for a long time, so it is not so strange that certain tunes quickly feel repetitive.

Wii Fit is a fun alternative to the gym. The games are fun and especially if several people in the family play the game, there is a lot of rivalry. The game looks neat and clear and the Wii Balance Board is a nice piece of hardware. It is a pity that the tunes are very monotonous and some games are not fun for long. Moreover, this Balance Board offers additional possibilities for the future. I can’t wait for the ski, snowboard and skate games already!

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