At the end of March, WipeOut Omega Collection received a free update, introducing VR mode for the entire campaign. Opinions about it were overwhelmingly positive and, according to many players, WipEout has become the production that makes the best use of google virtual reality.

PlayStation Europe revealed on its Twitter profile today when the game’s demo for both 2D and VR versions will be available on PlayStation Store, which was announced after the release of the said update. The trial version of the WipEout Omega Collection will be available for download tomorrow and will include two races for both game modes. You can find our WipEout Omega Collection review here.

Buckle up pilots! A free WipEout Omega Collection demo arrives tomorrow.

Sample two tracks from last year’s PS4 release, as well as the new #PSVR mode:

– PlayStation Europe (@PlayStationEU) May 21, 2018


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