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With a short film into the city of big movies

With a short film into the city of big movies



A grand prize of ten thousand euros and a trip to Hollywood await the winner.

Are you a filmmaker Or do you want to be a filmmaker? If you have a camcorder, a good story to add, and secretly always longing to get to Hollywood, now is the time! The AXNSony Pictures Entertainment ‘s action and adventure channel is UPC together with a cable TV provider Short film application advertises to anyone anyone who can submit a short film between 1 and 7 minutes in any topic and content. Entries will be judged by a professional jury Andy Vajna producer, Ferenc Törökthe director of Moskva Square and the Season, and the creator of the award-winning Taxidermy, György Pálfi. The first of the best twenty short films will be held in Budapest during September, UPC-AXN Short Film Festival, which reveals who will win the grand prize of € 10,000 for the first prize winner, and who can travel to Hollywood to visit one of the filmmaking citadels, Sony’s studios. In addition to the cash prize and travel, the main winner will also gain international popularity, as the channel will screen the best short films in the entire Central European region, including Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria. UPC and AXN plan to organize a similar film festival in other countries in the Central European region in the future.
“Short film is a difficult but exciting genre. Unfortunately, there is a bit of a fate for these works in cinemas, but television is a suitable medium to provide an opportunity for members of this genre to present themselves. Our channel considers it important to embrace local film initiatives and launch newly discovered talent in the filmmaking career with an international background. ” He said Stephen Whitethe regional executive director of the channel.
“Often, outstanding talent is also hidden because their creations do not have the opportunity to reach the general public. However, the success of video-sharing sites also shows that amateurs often make interesting, exciting and demanding short films. By organizing the festival, we would also like to help these creators to show themselves to the masses through television and thus to increase the quality of mobile content, ”he explained in connection with the announcement of the competition. Joe Zuravle, CEO of UPC Hungary. Details of the application can be found on the official website. The submission deadline is August 15, 2007.