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Xiaomi destroys Apple and goes after Samsung very soon

Xiaomi destroys Apple and goes after Samsung very soon

The obstruction of the first quarter of the year brings very good part for some manufacturers and very bad for others. Xiaomi I woke up today with one of the best parts they could give you: it is the leader in sales in Spain and overtook Apple in Europe. Yes, Xiaomi already sells more throughout Europe phones than Apple. On the other hand, Huawei is collapsing, although it is still the best-selling company in this part of the world. The mobile sales figures leave us with a very willing proscenium for Xiaomi for the coming years.

Apple is left behind and Xiaomi now put by Samsung

So far in Europe Samsung was the leader in the mobile industry with the highest number of sales followed by Apple. In 2021 things have changed, although not for Samsung. The one who has spent a surprise has been Apple. The Cupertino company sells more than in 2020, but this has not been enough to protect its second position: Xiaomi is now the second brand in Europe.

The Xiaomi Growth compared to last year it is 85% positive versus 22% for Apple. This has meant that, in units sold, the Chinese company surpasses the American one. All this despite Apple’s efforts to democratize its pricing repertoire.

We must not forget that the Cupertino company now has phones much more accessible than a few years ago. The iPhone SE 2020 or the official liquidation of models like the iPhone 11 they make Apple’s catalog a little more accessible. Despite this, it fails to betray more than Xiaomi.

Samsung is still growing and continues to consolidate its first zone, which could be in danger soon. Xiaomi in Spain already surpasses the Korean company and is in the first position, something that could still happen with all of Europe in the coming years.

Huawei phones plummet in Europe

The other side of the coin tells us huawei, a brand devastated by lack of the United States government. The impediment to use Google services has caused Huawei’s popularity to plummet and the liquidation of its mobile phones to plummet. The company loses 81% compared to last year and It only sells 3% of the mobiles that are bought in Europe.

This is the flagrant x-ray of the European market in which Xiaomi rises by leaps and bounds and in which Apple loses them little by little. It is very likely that these positions will be maintained for the next few years, because below Apple is Oppo and another surprise is not delayed in a short time.