The president of the computer company Invetec, Richiard Lee, said that he is working closely with Xiaomi to produce a PC, of ​​which the likely name will be Xiaomi Laptop.

Xiaomi, the world’s first smartphone manufacturer in China, is releasing various devices on the market that span many areas such as fitness trackers, speakers and even smart scales. Lately, the company has also become an MVNO operator in China by becoming a company that deals with the production of technological gadgets in general but we have not yet seen it produce PCs.

After the statement by the president of Invetec, we can refute the last sentence said as Xiaomi, in addition to collaborating closely with Invetec, also has hired a former Lenovo employee, an expert company in the field of PC. After these two moves by the Chinese company, we can say that it is Xiaomi Laptop can be a reality.

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For the moment, nothing is known about the new device even if Xiaomi would like to keep the interface MIUI also with regard to their PC, but we do not know if Windows or the version of Android for PCs will be installed on it. The only thing we know is that Xiaomi will not be wrong, especially with the help of the former Lenovo employee who will be able to make a difference by presenting a product on the market that can compete with current laptops.

Regarding price and availability, nothing is even known about this but we can say that the price of the Xiaomi Laptop will be competitive compared to the competition as the company has accustomed us, and for the availability we expect the new device to see the light also in Europe for the Q1 of 2016.

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