There had been rumors about the new one Xiaomi Mi Band 1s already at the beginning of July and only now we have some more clues after a long period of silence.

The new version of the economical smart band of Xiaomi will have, by now almost certainly, a sensor of the heartbeat. Sensor that seems to be the cause of the silence of these months, as the device had to obtain certification from the Taiwanese NCC. Unfortunately, however, marketing seems to have slipped for some unknown reason.

But just a few hours ago, the Xiaomi Mi Band 1s reappeared on the Chinese blog Mydrivers complete with photos (the one you see above) and release date.

Date corresponding to November 7, 2015, next Saturday.

The site allegedly stated that the smart band would be released on the market without a real presentation but simply with an announcement on the Xiaomi site. Day in which, in addition to the presentation on the site, sales to the general public would start. Xiaomi Mi Band 1s it does not present substantial changes, in addition to the aforementioned heartbeat sensor.

Sensor which, unfortunately, slightly raises the price of the device from 69 to 99 yuan, approximately € 15, therefore still very beneficial.

The page of Mydrivers with the article it was immediately removed so we do not take these statements as pure gold, but looking at the photo we can also convince ourselves that it is all true.



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