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Xiaomi Mi Pai: a Chromecast clone that does not need an Internet connection

Xiaomi Mi Pai: a Chromecast clone that does not need an Internet connection

Xiaomi has decided after an important moment to edit a challenge that will overshadow Chromecast, but without using an Internet connection to share the image between devices. For this, Xiaomi Mi Pai announces, a screen mirroringtransmitting everything in great resolution.

In this case, the company begins to betray two devices in China, one will act as a transmitter and the other as a receiver to display the image. The design goes back to Chromecast. and postponement be a product that sells sufficiently for home and business use.

Xiaomi Mi Pai, all about this new device

Xiaomi Mi Pai It consists of two parts, the one that is connected to the television will arrive with a mature measure, although it maintains the weight of the second. It will need a power supply to work and a free HDMI port on our TV screen, so if you have a free port you can hook it up quickly.

The other in your case will not need power as it takes place by USB, it can be used on the phone with USB type C, on a laptop, tablet or on a computer. Xiaomi Mi Pai communicates with 2.4Ghz + 5Ghz Wi-Fibeing very fast to connect and showing a very clean signal.

If you want to disconnect it, it will do so in just a few seconds, it will take the same time to connect as it will disconnect, the transmission is very fast and you will see the content of your smartphone quickly and smoothly. Xiaomi Mi Pai supports Full HD + resolution and 60 Hz image transmission. It works on Windows 7 and above and on Mac Os X 10.10 and above.

CONNECTIVITY HDMI / USB / Wi-Fi 2.4 Ghz + 5 Ghz / The Mi Pai that goes to the TV needs electricity
COMPATIBILITY Windows 7 or higher / Mac OS 10.10 or higher
OTHER FEATURESThe connection range is up to 10 meters away.
DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT TV connector: 152 × 60 × 11.9mm / Phone/Laptop/PC Connector: 149.6 × 61 × 12.5mm / Weight of one and the other: 38.5 grams

Availability and price

The new Xiaomi Mi Pai initially arrives in China at a price of 299 yuan (about 37 euros to change), although AliExpress sells it for about 47 euros when it is resold. It will be available on Xiaomiyoupin from November 11 and it is postponed that it will finally be available in Europe.