Xiaomi It returns to our breakdown tables with a good product that has surprised us with its value for money, which has been the hallmark of the brand for a long time. On this occasion we are going to babble on a “wearable”, more specifically one of the latest smart watches from the Asian firm.

Discover with us the Xiaomi Mi Watch, a characteristic intelligent timer that invites for an adjusted quality-price ratio. Do not miss all the news that we have for you in this fresh decomposition, surely you do not want to miss them.

Design: simplicity above all

As always, Xiaomi has opted for a device with simplicity as its flag. In this case we have a completely resounding smartwatch with a case of about 46 millimeters in total. Of course, the design clearly has the advantage of not missing microphone or speaker holes, since it does not have them. On the outer edge is where you have two buttons, which have a fixed functionality map. The upper one will act as a switch and the lower one is exclusively dedicated to interacting with the sports monitoring application.

  • Weight: 32 grams
  • Dimensions: 46 millimeters
  • Diameter Belt: 22 millimeters
  • Package: 11.8 millimeters

The total weight is 32 grams, an incredibly fast weight. In the environment of the sphere we will find the words “Start” and “Sport” that will indicate the functionality of the messengers mentioned above. For the lower part we leave the heart rate sensor and a related oxygen sensor, so fashionable these days. A simple timer with a hybrid plastic and fiberglass chassis that has a simple universal silicone strap.

Due to the size of the “case” it can give a strange impression, excessively noble for those with a skinny wrist, especially in contrast to the thickness of the strap.

Technical characteristics

Device Xiaomi it has many interesting features at the hardware level, We will start with the sensors:

  • heart rate sensor
  • Accelerometer: to control the timer and monitor physical activity
  • Fastener: to direct the timer and the direction indications
  • Magnetic sensor: for the correct and natural use of the compass
  • Barometer
  • Ambient light sensor: to prolong the ideal amount of backlight
  • Kinship Oxygen Measurement Sensor

Apart from all this we will connect with Bluetooth 5.0 BLE for connectivity but we do not have WiFi, this means that the connection will be totally dependent on the mobile phone in which we have it connected. We have had satisfactory operation on both a Huawei P40 Pro and an iPhone 12 Pro, we remember that it is compatible with Android from reading 4.4 and in the case of iOS for reading 10 onwards. In the same way, we have GPS and GLONASS independently, improving the performance of sports tracking, a very interesting feature in a timer of this type. On a technical level, this Xiaomi Mi Watch does not seem to lack almost anyone.

Squad Screen and Duration

On screen we finally have an interesting stake on the panel. OLED slightly curved near the edges, it is say 2.5D. We have 1.39 inches in total with a resolution provided competition but sufficient 454 * 454 pixels. In the screen brightness level, which has five settings from latest to oldest, We have the advantage of having an ambient light sensor that will regulate the intensity in a cybernetic way, Little that it does perfectly according to our tests and that will also improve the autonomy performance of the device in general terms.

The timer has good tactile feedback across the board. Regarding autonomy, we return with a strong Xiaomi stake, thanks to its 420 mAh and charging your magnetized cable (charger not included) we get about 14 days in totala little less than the 16 days that the brand promises us in its promotional notes. GPS negatively affects the use of the timer, leaving us with a use of about two days in total, but honestly, for the result it offers, perhaps I don’t see much need to have it activated continuously. The full charge takes us a little more than an hour and a half if we talk about 0-100%.

Performance and capabilities

Performance is promptly provided thanks to its proprietary active system, focused especially on customization and sport, but without excessive paraphernalia. The mobile application is provided concisely and gives few options when it comes to interacting, but more perfectly it offers us the lesson of the content. This is much more focused on the 117 sport modes that it has included, divided into the following sections:

  • Soggy
  • exogenous
  • Training
  • Dance
  • Struggle
  • ball sports
  • winter sports
  • recreational sports
  • Another sport

For its part, the timer does not interact with notifications, We have already said that it also lacks a microphone and speaker. We will focus on the lesson of notifications, which are manifested in a clear and extensive way. Then we have a good timer with more than enough basic features that performs well in the necessary functions. The intent is to circumscribe our legatee experience because the app doesn’t have many notable capabilities. To this extent, we have an intelligent timer especially focused on offering us the notification lesson, the monitoring of our physical and sports activity and little else. The price, without sequestration, corresponds to all this.

Editor’s opinion

Let’s not forget that the timer has a resistance to temperatures ranging between -10ºC and 45ºC, while it is submersible up to 5 ATM under water. The timer is provided polished, despite its cardinal operation, we have a good performance in all its functions. The GPS chip gives us a plus of device independence and autonomy is undoubtedly one of its strongest points.

In the image section we have provided cardinal and interactive software, a perhaps deficient mobile application and more designed for a tracking bracelet, and finally, it is not part of Xiaomi’s own ecosystem, or at least it does not have a specific area. As an advantage, the device can be found for less than 120 euros in many outlets such as Amazon.

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  • Portability (size / weight)


  • has gps
  • Great autonomy
  • very satisfied price


  • very limited application
  • cardinal active system
  • Does not include charger

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