Xiaomi Mi5 fingerprint reader. Rumors and rumors about the hypothetical new top of the range Xiaomi Mi5 have been chasing each other for weeks; this new device should present the new Snapdragon 820, a new processor presented by Qualcomm that replaces the old Snapdragon 810.

In addition to rumors about the processor, rumors indicate the presence of a Xiaomi Mi5 fingerprint reader.

According to @MochaRQ, a user of the Chinese social network Weibo, Mi5 will adapt to the standards of the latest smartphones by presenting a fingerprint reader.

The user, who claims to know the details of the design of this smartphone, indicates 2016 as the release date of this terminal; Xiaomi is waiting for Qualcomm to manage to have a stable production line for its new processors.

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Xiaomi is also not willing to replace the Snapdragon 820 with another processor, be it Mediatek or the old 810.

The presence of the Xiaomi Mi5 fingerprint reader bodes well for a great device.



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