There is a lot of waiting for Xiaomi Mi5, the device that should have been launched by Xiaomi soon. But after many months from the rumors published a few weeks before last summer, the product still does not seem to be close to marketing. Many wonder what is the reason that prevents the launch of the device of the Beijing company which apparently should not see the light for the next few weeks. Some hypotheses, advanced in these hours, have focused attention on Xiaomi Mi5 processor which in all likelihood will be one Snapdragon 820.

A chip that, however, will probably not be completed before 2016. This aspect further postpones the launch of Xiaomi Mi5 for which we will have to wait a few more months, probably four or maybe even more since the realization of the chip still seems far from completion.

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Confirmation of the presence of the Xiaomi Mi5 processor of the American company aboard the Mi5 is however really news Interesting. But another anticipation could make the Mi 5 even more attractive to users. This is the installation of a Fingerprints, an increasingly recurring endowment in the latest generation devices, but which was previously unpublished on the devices of the Beijing company.


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