Phone sales are going to increase by 11% during this 2021, and it seems that the eastern titan is going to be one of the great beneficiaries. More than absence because a historical event has just occurred: Xiaomi has finished bringing down Apple in terms of mobile phone sales.

For the first time since it hit the market, Xiaomi achieves the second surface in world manufacturers, surpassing Apple that falls to the third surface. And the first surface? How could it be otherwise, it is for Samsung.

As indicated by the Canalys Consulting Through a published report, Xiaomi has grown more than 80% in the second quarter of 2021 compared to the previous year, which makes clear the good work of the Eastern manufacturer.

Xiaomi sells more phones than Apple worldwide

In this way, and as has happened with MediaTek and Qualcomm, Xiaomi finally manages to outperform its great rival in a historic surprise for the Beijing-based company. On the other hand, the chronicle published by Canalys allows us to see some very interesting details.

In the case of the Korean Titan, Samsung figures are still dizzying, with a tenth of the market of 19% and a growth of 15% compared to the same period of the previous year. In the second surface we have Xiaomi, with a growth of 83% to overcome a more than deserved silver medal by boasting a tenth market share of 17%. Then there’s Apple, which has a market share of 14%, plus paltry growth of just 1%.

The presence of OPPO and Vivo, which have a tenth of the market of 10% each, and a growth of 28 and 27% respectively, is not surprising. And Huawei? Well, without Google services after the end of US extensions, it’s in a tailspin.

In short, Samsung is still in first place (and the springs that remain), Xiaomi has finished beating Apple reaching the second surface, and Vivo and OPPO have been able to use Huawei’s fall very acceptably.


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