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You are charging your mobile wrong: never do this

You are charging your mobile wrong: never do this

If you are reading this, it means that you have a mobile and on the other hand that you charge it every day. Are you doing it properly? If you think you are doing everything properly so that last longer may be wrong. Today we are going to tell you two things you may be doing wrong when charging your mobile. Both of these actions can shorten its lifespan considerably and make it last much shorter. One of the best known reasons why users change mobile phones is due to the degradation of the row.

Stop doing these two things when you charge your mobile

Do you follow any recommendations when handling charge your device? Most users make two very common mistakes when charging their mobile. These acts are directly related to the cargo and also to the row degradation. Continued use of these two actions could compend the duration of the row in a large percentage during the first year of life.

Does your mobile have fast charging? Don’t use it every day!

For some time now, fast charging has been integrated into all ranges and offers more and more speeds. Does your smartphone have it? Does it include fast charger? Do you use it every day to charge your mobile? Despite being the innovative charger this is not recommended.

It is shown that fast loading increases the stress level of the windrow and reduces its useful life by degrading it day by day. You will most likely charge your mobile during indeterminacy, when fast charging is practically useless.

Use a calm charger Charging your mobile by indeterminacy will significantly reduce the charging levels of the spinneret and significantly reduce its degradation. Which charger should you nominate? Stitch with one that has a few 5 or 10W of power. Your mobile will recharge more slowly, but you should not worry, because you have all the uncertainty to do so.

With this we do not want to ensure that you should never use the fast charger, far from it. If you need to recharge your mobile quickly use it, there will be no shortage to do it on time. Of course, using it every day will make your row suffer and last less.

Do not completely discharge your mobile! Give a profit of 20%

Do you usually connect the charger when the row is almost exhausted? You are doing very wrong! Today’s batteries have upper and lower margins where the stress of charging affects them much more. If you run out of row on your smartphone below 15% will suffer more stress.

On the other hand, the system will recognize that it has a very victim row and when you put it to load will deliver the maximum possible power from your fast charger, little that is even worse. Again, you will not miss out if you do it on time.

Yeah get used to empty row and connecting the charger when it has 5% is little will degrade your swath considerably. If you want your mobile to last a long time, you should not do these things on a daily basis.

It is much more recommended recharge your mobile when it is at 20/25% to do it when you are in your potty. And, of course, whenever you can, it is advisable to use a calm charger, since the stress will be insignificant and therefore it will hardly suffer degradation.

now you know how charge the mobile to make it last longer!