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You can skip ads with the free version of Spotify

You can skip ads with the free version of Spotify

Spotify is still working on changes to the free version of its service. It is now testing a new feature in Australia that will allow skip all the ads you want without paying for Spotify Premium.

Spotify will let ads jump in its free version

Spotify is testing a new ad skipping feature in Australia in the free version of the service. Until now, both audio and video ads worked in such a way that, sooner or later, you had to see them yes or yes. The service gave some margin not to abuse them, but at the end of the day the ads are the payment system of the users and free users, so there was no choice but to show them.

Nevertheless, Spotify has changed his mind with a new initiative that they are calling Activate Media. It consists in that the users of Spotify for free will be able to skip all the ads they want, without limits of any kind or condition. The idea behind this new initiative is that with this system it will be detected which advertisements are really interesting and which advertisements are not, so once you learn about the tastes of each person, you can direct them to advertisements that they will want to see.

“Our hypothesis is that if we can use this to feed our broadcast intelligence, and offer a more personalized experience and a more attractive audience for our advertisers, it will improve the results we can deliver to brands.”

Offering more options to users without Premium

If for something they are highlighting the news of Spotify over the last few months it is for offering more functions and options to users of the service who do not pay for Spotify Premium. Recently the option of, among fifteen pre-selected playlists, was added to be able to listen to the song that you want as many times as you want without depending on the random order. In total, 40 hours of music that will satisfy the needs of many. You can also modify the volume of the songs through the equalizer in the Settings menu.

The goal of all this? Converting free users to Premium users, letting them try more than using the full service would mean. These movements are also understood before the threat of the growth of other services such as Tidal or Apple Music. Especially this second one is in unstoppable growth, on the way to surpassing Spotify in subscribers. Therefore, new strategies must be tried to regrow more than the competition, such as the new Samsung and Spotify alliance.