You can find just about anything on YouTube, from useful tutorials, music and video clips to rarely stupid guys that your kids could see as role models relatively quickly. How good that there are YouTube Kids that your child can safely use, as only child-friendly content is offered here. There is now an increase to appeal to teens and tweens too….

YouTube for Tweens and Teens – Beta

In the YouTube blog you can read that they are now introducing a supervised experience for YouTube. Children and young people currently have two options for discovering YouTube: YouTube Kids (since 2015) for small children and normal YouTube, which has been a platform for people over 13 from the start. Google has always recommended that parents watch YouTube with their children. However, teens and tweens have different needs than small children, so a parent-run YouTube is now being started for this generation.

The supervised YouTube is currently still in beta. If the function can then be used, parents will have the opportunity to make various settings for children and adolescents. This can be used to specify that only certain content is displayed and certain functions are used.

  • Create a Google Account that you manage so your child can use YouTube. Link your child’s account to your own account to accompany their use of YouTube.
  • Choose from three content settings. Attitudes are consistent with age-appropriate content ratings starting at age 9.
    • Explore: For kids ready to move on from YouTube Kids and explore content on YouTube, this setting offers a wide range of videos that are generally suitable for viewers aged 9 and over, including vlogs, tutorials, game videos, music clips, news, educational content and more.
    • Further information: With content generally suitable for viewers 13 and older, this setting includes an even larger number of videos and live streams in the same categories as Explore.
    • Most of YouTube: This setting includes almost all of the videos on YouTube, with the exception of age-restricted content, and contains sensitive topics that may only be suitable for older teenagers.
  • Help your children start the world of YouTube safely and prepared. Here you can download our guide to help you start the family conversation.
  • Limited features available in our beta experience. We are continuing to work with parents and industry experts to introduce additional features such as comments.
  • Works with Google’s Family Link app. Access to further settings for YouTube, such as determining the usage time.

Parental Control YouTube will have a wide variety of videos and is more comprehensive than YouTube Kids. The beta starts in the coming months


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