Galaxy Ring hands-on: we tried Samsung’s first connected ring

Galaxy Ring hands-on: we tried Samsung’s first connected ring

Teased during the brand’s latest major conferences, the Galaxy Ring is finally official. The South Korean’s first connected ring opens a new chapter in its love affair with health and well-being.

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Why a ring? Because the market is promising. According to data from the Contrite Datum (2023) firm, Smart rings are expected to be worth $747 million by 2030, up from $126 million in 2024. In France, a study carried out by Samsung in March 2024 reveals that 75% of consumers are interested in the concept of the Galaxy Ring.

Often quick to launch into emerging markets, Samsung has decided to unleash its first connected ring this year. But what is it worth? To find out, we got our hands on it in preview.

First, a jewel

The Galaxy Ring is above all a jewel. Dressed in titanium, It comes in gold, silver or matte black. This choice of material allows Samsung to offer a ring that is both resistant and extremely light. Used to wearing rings, I was impressed by this featherweight. I also fell for its concave design is both original and elegant. Above all, the Ring is certified waterproof (IP68), which allows use underwater and in sea water up to 10 ATM / 100 m.

In order to suit as many people as possible, Samsung Prose Ring in 9 Sizes (US 5-13). Is it suitable for both men and women? The answer is yes. At 7mm wide and 2.6mm thick, the Korean ring combines discretion and elegance. For example, during our hands-on, a Samsung executive with slender fingers wore a gold version of the ring that blended in perfectly with her other jewelry.

Finally, The transparent and white storage box is inspired by the codes of jewelry. If the ring can be worn for a week, it recharges in this case in a few dozen minutes, Samsung promises.

New era for health and wellness tracking

Samsung Galaxy Ring Design Concave

Samsung has repeated it to anyone who would listen: the Galaxy Ring opens a new era in health and wellness monitoring in the Samsung ecosystem. To collect user data, Samsung therefore relies on three sensors: a thermal, an optical and an accelerometer.

These miniaturized technologies allow to collect more or less the same information as a connected watch (heart rate 7 days a week, menstrual cycles, etc.), without the bulk. Samsung gives the example of sleep data, often neglected by watch wearers who recharge it during the night.

What about sports? The Galaxy Ring is also able to accompany users in their activities (or inactivity). To do this, Samsung Health appavailable on all Android devices, acts as an interface. The Galaxy Ring can therefore be paired with any Android smartphone, provided that you do without the artificial intelligence features.

Indeed, harnessing the full potential of the ring requires pairing with a Galaxy smartphone that is compatible with Galaxy AI. Each day, an energy score provides an overview of the user’s energy capital based on data collected the day before and during the night. Then, the AI ​​provides advice on how to improve this score. Without a Samsung smartphone that is compatible with Galaxy AI, this score and the associated advice are less relevant.

A (too) high price?

Samsung Galaxy Ring Price

The only downside to the announcement of this Galaxy Ring is its price. Samsung is offering its first connected ring at a price of 449 euros.

Some will say that this positioning can be justified because of the premium materials used, the waterproof certification or the accuracy of the data recovered (to be verified). A little fair, especially since the Ring does not integrate practical features such as payment with Samsung Pay for example.

Moreover, this price does not facilitate the democratization of such a product on a nascent market. Other lesser-known players already offer equally attractive connected rings. Of course, they are mostly made of plastic or metal and are not always waterproof. But they are also sold almost half the price. It is not certain that Samsung will find its audience quickly in such a difficult economic context. Unless its financing at 19 euros per month meets with the expected success.

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