In the vast world of Assassin’s Creed Origins certainly there is no shortage of secondary quests, but you could risk losing some along the path of the Bayek path, for this reason we advise you to take as a reference what is written and illustrated below to find out the position of all the side quests present in the last chapter of the Ubisoft saga.

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My brother for a horse

In the eastern part of the region, talking to a man, you will learn that he lost his horse in the easternmost part of the Cyrenaica region.

Dead in the water

You will find the secondary mission in the north east area of ​​the Cyrenaica region. After talking to Agatha you will have to rescue her son Titus kept in the nearby Apollonia barracks.

Founding Father

The secondary quest can be found on the west side of the Cyrenaica region. Talk to the man in front of the tomb and, after climbing it, enter through the roof.


Located in the central area of ​​Cyrenaica, talk to the man on the northwest side of the arena and then follow him. You will be ambushed, get rid of the guards and talk to the man again.

Dog and cat

Sequential mission to the previous one, then unlocked upon completion of the “mousetrap”. Reach the “!” which will appear in the city once the previous mission is completed.

Aren’t you having fun?

Close to the bullring in the city. Read the writing on the wall and then talk to the Lanista at the gladiator school.

The Cyrenaica flea

In the northeast area of ​​Cyrenaica, climb the temple of Zeus to unlock the mission.

Smugglers from Cyrenaica

You will find this quest in the west of Apollonia, but only after completing “Cat and Mouse”.

Absolute power

You will only unlock this mission after reaching a certain point in the game’s main storyline. You will find it a short distance from the fast travel point in the north east of Cyrenaica. You will have to search and find Simonides.

Pax Romana

Sequential mission to the previous one that you will then unlock only after completing “Absolute Power”.


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