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Black Panther will sharpen his claws in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

Black Panther will sharpen his claws in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

Very soon, this week, it will finally hit theaters Black Panther, the latest movie from Marvel Studios about the popular superhero that we could already see in action in the movie Captain America: Civil War. The Black Panther will also join the roster of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2.

This has been announced by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, a new pack of levels and characters will come to the game and will be based on the new Black Panther movie, which will be released in theaters on February 16.

What does the Black Panther pack consist of?

We will go into the Kingdom of Wakandawhere the legendary superhero Black Panther resides with his sister Shuri, on a dangerous mission in the depths of their homeland in which we will have to face mutated creatures and the brutal army of our archenemy, Erik Killmonger.

New characters, Black Panther (vibranium skin), Okoye, Nakia, Erik Killmonger, Ulysses Klaue, and Everett K. Ross, will be added to the more than 200 superheroes and supervillains from the main game.

The pack is now available for download for only €2.99.

An enviable squad of heroes

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 is a new adventure and sequel to LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. It is an original story, written by veteran comic book author Kurt Busiek.

The storyline transports players into a cosmic battle that takes place across a multitude of Marvel locations pulled from space-time into the open world of Chronopolis.

In this adventure packed with signature LEGO humor that will delight fans of all ages, players will take on Kang the Conqueror as he travels through time on a fun-filled adventure through the Marvel Universe.

The level pack Black Panther can be purchased separately or as part of the Season Pass, which includes six level packs and four character packs, including published content from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and character packs Champions, out of timeand Agents of Atlas.

The Season Pass is available for a suggested retail price of €14.99 as part of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Deluxe Editionwhich includes the main game, access to the character pack Guardians of the Galaxy Classics.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC.