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Telltale Games will work with the Unity engine; possible collaboration with Black Mirror

Telltale Games will work with the Unity engine; possible collaboration with Black Mirror

Telltale Games He hasn’t been in the best position lately. His latest releases have not performed well (critically, commercially or technically). Last year they laid off about 100 people. And they are currently embroiled in a legal battle with co-founder and former CEO Kevin Bruner.

Having been revered for its decision-based point-and-click adventure games, the study has suffered a downturn in innovation and follow-up. His fans are suffering from fatigue from games that lack any kind of evolution.

A change of engine to meet expectations

One of these problems is very basic: a game engine that simply cannot keep up with the demands. People have been criticizing the engine used by Telltale since the last generation of consoles, but the studio has insisted on using the Telltale Tool for the long term.

From a Variety publication he insinuates that Telltale will finally leave its antiquated engine behind to use Unity in future releases. According to Variety, The Walking Dead: The Final Season will be the last game powered by the Telltale Tool engine, and the recently announced game about Stranger Things will already run on Unity.

The most surprising thing is how good The Walking Dead: The Final Season looks in its leaked gameplay, despite having the old engine. Of course, new engines come with their own growing pains, and the studio will have to learn to manage their workflow differently, even if the engine is better for them. The Telltale games will have longer development as a resultpart of the reason we’ve seen games like The Wolf Among Us 2 pushed back to an indefinite date.

Netflix is ​​bringing Telltale back to life

The rest of Variety’s post paints a disheartening picture of Telltale’s culture in recent years, including the studio failing to realize what people love about its games. A series of big ambitions, bad decisions, and a failure to read the culture brought the company to its knees. Fortunately, the new leadership has managed to turn the tide.

Part of that change is the agreement with Netflixwhich not only involves the development of a Stranger Things game, but also a Telltale game on the streaming platform: Minecraft: Story Mode will become an interactive series.

Variety indicates that there rumors about other netlfix projects on the way. Most of the evidence suggest that Black Mirror will receive a collaboration with Telltale Gamesdue to an interview with former Telltale Communications Lead Job Stauffer, where he mentions the series and its creator by name.

As the Telltale and Netflix collaboration progresses, and depending on how successful it is, It wouldn’t be a surprise to see Telltale become Netflix’s interactive arm., making even more games based on its properties. This could be the making of the combined games and streaming services that Telltale was teasing about last year.